Monday, 30 July 2012

Sunshine Radio Dublin 1985 Special


The Staff of Sunshine Radio Pictured in 1985

In 1985 Sunshine Radio celebrated being five years
on air 
I believe this is the first time that the publicity  issued 
to mark the landmark has been put on the internet
I hope You enjoy this Memory Radio Boyle exclusive.

The Sands Hotel Portmarnock Dublin where
Sunshine broadcast form.You can just see the
mast behind the text which is an introduction
by station chief Robbie Robinson.
Here's a snippet of it
"When Sunshine made it's first broadcast in 
September 1980 who would have believed that five
 years later,despite the numerous difficulties we 
faced,and I might add overcame,we would be 
Dublin's premier 24 hours Radio Station".

                    SUNSHINE STAFF CELEBRATE IN 1985



       TOP 20 JULY - AUGUST 1985


               The Eurythmics were No1 this week July - August  1985

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