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Welcome to our weekly Blog.It's great to have you 
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We're looking back at the music and memories 
of  this week in July 1990.


We start off with a video from this year 
taken in Parkers Night Club Boyle.


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  • Catherine MC Guire : claire dodd and
     catherine mc dermott identified,soo funny!

  • Imelda Burke Coleman:No that can't be 1990 omg!

  • Val McCormack:Spotted Sandra Kelly, Kerrie McGrath,
    Paul Finn and I think Seamus McCrann
    bustin some moves!!!

  • Claire Conway OMG jesus i still have them moves 
    myself and Louise finn never lost it.
We had a great time in Parkers  celebrating
Ireland's performance in the Italia 90 World Cup.
I was with Shannonside Radio and we brought 
a big screen to the night club ,where the atmosphere
was just amazing. It was a united Ireland  we were all 
part of Jackie's army..
Put em Under Pressure  was the floor-filler for 
the Summer of 1990.You could barely hear the
song with everyone chanting ole ole ole at the top 
of their voice



No1 Song July 1990 

iphone/ipad  friendly live version

TV 1990

Back in 1990 for many Irish families.
Sunday nights just weren’t complete without
half an hour in the company of the lovely
Theresa Lowe.
We watched in envy as contestants won exotic
breaks away.
Teresa Lowe was RTÉ’s golden girl, but in 1997
she disappeared from our screens,
prompting many a pub pundit to ask:
“Where in the world is Theresa Lowe?”
Well she studied for the bar at the King’s Inns.
and graduated in 1997, and since then has
been working as a full-time barrister.

Seinfeld stood out from the many sitcoms of its time
because None of the principal characters were related

by family or work connections but remained close 
friends throughout the seasons.Unlike many other sitcoms,
Seinfeld focused less on a plot and more on
day to day things such as waiting in line at the movies,going out for dinner, and dealing with the petty injustices of life.



Pretty Woman was the top movie of 1990
 Millionaire businessman Richard Gere picks up a hooker in
 Beverley Hills and,before you can say Pygmalion, he's turned
 her into a princess.
 The film made a star of Julia Roberts, despite claims that
 a pair of 'stunt legs' had been used on the promotional movie
 posters to increase their 'wow' factor.


Vogueing was a style of dance that emerged in 

New York in early 1990.
It was inspired - as the name suggests- 
by standing in the middle of a nightclub striking 
the poses favoured by fashion models. 
Madonna was credited with popularising the 'dance' 
across the world by both writing a song about it, 
and vogueing in her video.

What We Bought In 1990

We start with an ad break from RTE 
Network 2 from 1990

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