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July 1984.
Let's Start off with the Top 20 sponsored by
Margaret's Cafe here in Boyle Co Roscommon

                                         No 6 in July 1984

No1 JULY 1984



These days she  looks and sounds fantastic
Alison has always been one of my favourite singers
over the years ,both with Yazoo and as a solo artist

RADIO 1984



TV 1984

In 1984 It just wasn't a Sunday night without 

Biddy, Miley and the gang..

"In 1972 a crack commando unit was sent 
to prison by a military court for a crime 
they didn't commit..."

FILM 1984


This sci fi thriller, starring muscle-man Arnold 
Schwarzenegger as a cyborg, was directed by 
James Cameron .This futuristic thriller has been 
endlessly imitated.
Los Angeles has been reduced to rubble in 2029 
and is run by machines. A cyborg is thrust back 
in time programmed to terminate Sarah Connor,
 the mother of a man who will lead the human 
resistance against the machines in 2029.
A member of the human resistance is also sent back 
to 1984 to rescue Sarah Connor from being 
assassinated before she can give birth.


American president Ronald Reagan and 
his wife Nancy visited Reagan's ancestral home
in Ballyporeen in county Tipperary.



 How many teeth were pulled out thanks to 
one of these monsters? Deliciously chewy, 
and yours for only 10p, they were a particularly
 joyous after-school treat. 


  Claire Conway 
They were even nice during school although a bit
 hard to without the teachers seeing you eat them

 Made in their thousands, each doll managed 
to maintain its identity with an individual name
and birth certificate.They were apparently the
brainchild of an American art student who, 
in order to pay his tuition fees, made dolls and 
sold them at local craft fairs. 
As interest grew he came up with the idea of adoption. 
They were so popular there just weren't enough on 
the shelves. The previous Christmas, parents had 
camped outside malls and toy shops in America 
(where else?) to make sure they could take 
one home for their little darling.


Sarah Cryan
I was 7. Made my first Communion.
I really wanted one ! Still waiting :(

 Guaranteed Irish is launched in 1984. 

It's said that today an increase in spend by households
on Guaranteed Irish goods and services of only
€4 a week could create over 6,200 new jobs in Ireland.

SPORT 1984

 1984 was an Olympics year with the games held in 
Los Angeles ,Ireland celebrated John Treacy's 
silver medal win  in the Marathon.    

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