Saturday, 21 January 2012

Moone Boy filming in Boyle Co Roscommon

When we uploaded this video on Youtube a friend commented "what a great memory for you" How very true! The day's shooting was amazing watching a large professional crew set up and shoot a high budget  TV show .
Speaking of the crew ,they were so nice and said go ahead take as many pictures as you want all that was ruled out was using flash photography (which is only common sense) .
Chris O'Dowd is just so down to earth no airs and graces just the same Chris we always knew and
it's all down to him that the exterior scenes were shot here in Boyle .
It's one thing to get SKY TV to finance sending cast and crew to Dublin but 100k west to Boyle took a leap of faith on their behalf and real commitment  from Chris.We were blessed with the weather as the week before was very stormy but right on que it faired up and we even had some hazy winter sun.

As you can see I had great fun with Deirdre O'Kane and Norma Sheahan as they took a break from filming
We were having tea and a great chat about Chris writing the show with Nick Murphy and about Boyle Town when Norma leaned forward and said "I'll tell you something  funny" but Deirdre stopped her mid sentence and pointed at the Chris and the crew outside wearing their headphones "We're still Miked up" she said  to a chuckle of laughter  from outside.
Well that's our first Blog hope you enjoyed the first of our little behind the scenes previews of Moone Boy.

Took this snap just before Steve Coogan started filming his famous touchy Feeley scene on the bridge in Boyle.

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