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The Royle Family a heartwarming yet genuinely funny
sitcom set in the lounge of a council house in Manchester
was to become a national treasure.
The show consisted mainly of the family watching TV, 
smoking cigarettes, and making cups of tea, 
while Dad broke wind and railed against society.
In the same way Del Boy and Rodney had been Cockney 
heroes of the Eighties, Dave, Denise and the rest were to become Northern champions of the new Millennium.


TOYS 1998

 After Tamagotchi the race was on to create an even more spectacular virtual pet.
Furby the talking gremlin that learned to speak  as it 'grew up' 
was the toddler's choice  for Christmas 1998.
Parents fought each other in the shops  as stocks ran low.

TV 1998

                         "Oh my god! They killed Kenny"

In 1998 the cult cartoon show was South Park created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker. South Park follows the misadventures of four irreverent grade-schoolers in the quiet, dysfunctional town of South Park, Colorado.


CHART 1998

 "If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next"
Prophetic words which took the Manic Street 
Preachers  to No1 in September 1998.

                                   No1 September 1998


FILM 1998

Ted was a geek in high school, who was going to go 
to the prom with one of the most popular girls in school, Mary.The prom date never happened, because 
Ted had a very unusual accident. Thirteen years later 
he realizes he is  still in love with Mary, so he hires a 
private investigator to track her down. 
That investigator discovers he too may  be in love with 
Mary, so he gives Ted some false information to keep 
him away from her. But soon Ted finds himself back 
into Mary's life, as we watch one funny scene after another.


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