Sunday, 12 February 2012

Valentine's week Dirty Dancing Special

                    It's that time of the year again when Spring is in the air and love is about to  bloom.

We're Dividing our special in two with our first part remembering the feature film and part two is all about the stage musical

                                 DIRTY DANCING THE MOVIE

Written be Eleanor Bergstein the younger daughter of a Jewish doctor from New York Dirty Dancing is loosely based on her warm recollections of trips with her parents to Katskills holiday camps just like Kellermans in the movie.
This is a coming of age love story involving the talented and headstrong dancer Johnny Castle (Patrick Sayze) and Frances “Baby” Houseman (Jennifer Grey).
During her family’s summer vacation at the popular Kellerman’s resort, Baby, a doctor’s daughter with dreams of joining the Peace Corps, meets Johnny, the guy from the wrong side of the tracks. Against all odds, they fall in love, learning life-changing lessons along the way

Dirty Dancing ,follows the highs and lows of their summer romance and cool  Dancing
                                       These were the moves on the nightclub floor in 88

When the movie hit it big here in 1988 (A 1987 film but it was a slow builder here) it was perfect timing
ten years on from Grease which tapped into the 50s teen dream as an antidote to punk rock. 
Dirty Dancing was the natural successor as a foil to the New Romantics Synth Bands.
A grittier more up to date film for the 80s market but the Grease effect was back.

Hungry eyes was requested usually by the girl who was sending out the biggest hint possible to some fella who was missing all the obvious signals. Dedicated by her to him the Dj had to be careful and coax him out from the undergrowth near the bar .If you laid it on too heavy he'd take to flight like a scared rabbit but you had to make it clear to him it's time get over there now and dance her "ya big eejit". 

There really was a special chemistry between between Jennifer and Patrick.That x factor that glows
on screen and they just had it in heaps.

                           DIRTY DANCING STAGE SHOW
The Record Breaking smash hit musical, that sets pulses racing was adapted for the stage in 2004 as 
Dirty Dancing The Classic Story on Stage. Written by Eleanor Bergstein  it's one of the most successful hit musicals in  West End history                   

The Classic Story On Stage,features all the much-loved characters and original dialogue from the iconic film with  extra scenes added in  There's new dance sequences and brand new choreography , set to all the hits from the original soundtrack, such as ‘Do You Love Me?’, ‘Hungry Eyes’ and the Academy Award Winning ‘(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life’, plus many more songs that weren’t on the original recording,
Over 5 million people worldwide have now seen the production,
                           DIRTY DANCING COMES TO DUBLIN

Almost 25 years after its debut release on the big screen, Dirty Dancing is still reeling in the Irish fans, with more than 100,000 tickets sold for the show at Dublin’s Grand Canal Theatre.
The song-and-dance extravaganza is running for six weeks since opening on the 19th January with 48 performances lined up.
Heres the link for the Dublin Show

We leave you with the show stopper and hope you enjoyed our iphone friendly Memory Radio Blog
tribute to Dirty Dancing

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